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Fowl Goblin


In the depths of the African Savannah, a mischievous, pie loving goblin begins his daily routine by visiting his best friends' on a chicken farm, while cleverly managing to avoid the clutches of a vigilant farmer. After making his way to the kitchen and helping himself to a feast of his favourite food, the satisfied goblin accidentally learns the disturbing truth to the mysterious secret ingredient of the famous pie recipe. . .


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Samantha Nortje

Having had a love for all things artistic and creative for the majority of her life, upon a spontaneous visit to an animation school in town, Samantha found herself drawn to the creative world of animation. Having no initial understanding of what went into the process of creating an animated film or how the pipeline itself functioned, she immediately fell in love and wanted to learn all she could about the 3D medium. After some digging she ultimately stumbled across The Animation School and was hooked there ever since. Once the exciting yet daunting prospect of the final third year of the course came about, Sam and her teammates found themselves with having to create and complete their very own short film, Fowl Goblin.

Forest Fruit Ice Cream
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