Why I am uniquely suited to this production?


Please watch the video above if you haven’t already and you will see some of the work I’ve done and an example of my 2D drawn animation. I used to teach After Effects, the program used in the Spotify reference, so I’m very familiar with techniques used to create that style. I also have 3D and live action experience and my passion for film lies in entertaining an audience above anything else.


The animation I’ve sent you is a traditional hand-drawn animation which gives it a very organic feel and serves more as an example of my tone and personality. The Spotify reference, however, is much cleaner, similar to the "whiteboard" style of video that has become very popular on YouTube. The benefits of this approach are; it’s faster and easier to edit after the fact. I would use a similar approach but tonally balance entertainment with education to keep the viewer interested and paying attention. Sometimes, if the text or VO is too dry it can be spiced up visually with light-hearted visuals.


At benchfilms, we’ve done over 30 branded films that focus on entertainment, and recently we completed a 100 hospitality training videos aimed at educating. Your brief lands smack bang in the middle and I can, along with my team, bring that experience to bear on your project. I enjoy a bit of quirk but I can reign it in or let loose as the project requires. I look forward to making the serious business of your Customer Experience interesting and accessible to your staff.


Thank you for your time.

ALAN SHELLEY is a Cape Town based filmmaker who thinks swagg should be spelt with two g’s, otherwise what's the point of having any? In between sleeps, Alan works at benchfilms, a Cape Town based production company that shouldn’t be left open around bees. At benchfilms, Alan has written and directed over 30 branded films and a number of shorts films. He is also the in-house VFX guy. Do not hesitate to get in touch at alan@benchfilms.co.za

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