Snickers brain storming

This is an exciting brief with a unique challenge of making a loopable video. At benchfilms we are excited by these limitations and are we very keen to get involved.


Firstly, we watched the archer reference over and over and noticed some rules essential to creating a seamless effect and fooling the viewer into watching the repeats as many times as possible. Sticking to these rules we feel we can make a loopable video out of just about any situation.


On the right you'll see the rules or approach we're working with and below a list of ideas, we would like to pitch for this project. benchfilms as done 30 branded films in the last 2 years so we have a lot of experience with this kind of shooting.

Rules / Approach:



The audience needs to anticipate what comes next and be frustrated by the lack of fulfilment. 


No Follow Through:

The archer can never fire the arrow, for example. This will break the loop and create a jarring cut between the beginning and end of the clip.


No Big / Recognisable Movements:

Drastic movements are too recognisable and the viewer will spot the repeat easily.


No Proximity:

Showing proximity or progress, like one object getting closer to another object, will break the illusion of continuity when the video loops.


Two Reaction Shots:

Two reaction shots that are similar but are subtly different will help sell the trick.

Skydiver Loop:


A loop of a skydiver trying to pull the cord for his parachute but the parachute never opens.

Roulette Wheel:


A loop of a roulette wheel spinning as gamblers and onlookers anticipate the ball stopping... but it never does.

Ferry Love:


A young man is running down the jetty after a boat that's leaving with his girlfriend on board watches him, unimpressed. Should feel like he's preparing to jump but never does.

Javelin vs Gardner:


We start on Javelin in mid air > Horror on the thrower's face > onlookers mid gasp > gardener obliviously gardening > Thrower looking from Javelin to Gardner > repeat... 

Domino Tease:


We see a huge layout of dominos but it is evident the design is only half way done. A man having just placed a tile down watches nervously as the tile rocks ominously, threatening to knock over the neighbouring tiles.

Blowing up a balloon:


Some douchey guys surrounding the bed of a sleeping friend are busy blowing up a balloon so big it looks as though it will burst at any minute.

Wedding Cake:


A waiter is in mid-trip while precariously balancing a wedding while guests and bridal party look on in horror.


At a strip  club a patron is watching a dancer remove her blouse. Except the blouse has many, many buttons and it never seems to end.

 Music and Tone:

With the prevelance on GIFs and Videos on Facebook these videos should work without sound. In our experience that is how we have experienced video like this on 9GAG, Imgur, Facebook and Instagram. However if there is music it would need to follow similar rules to the video: It can’t be too unique and would have to be quite repetative so as to not draw attention to the loop. The music would have to have fit the content it terms of genre but all of the videos would need something tense, music that invokes anticipation. The music they use in reality shows when then cut to dramatic reactions while trying to stretch out time. 

The Tone of each video will vary  slighty depending on the content but all the videos should be ironically serious. They would need to, at first appear genuine, but when the audience gets the ruse be funny.


VFX Showreel

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